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Web giant Google shut down its music streaming app Google Play in September 2020. The move follows the meteoric rise of its new YouTube Music interface. The Mountain View firm is trying to amaze us once again with an exceptional platform that takes advantage of the power of its algorithm. How does this platform stand out? Discover the prowess of Google.Inc through the wealth of features of YouTube Music.

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Google LLC Developer | Updated on 01/21/2021

What is YouTube Music?

YouTube Music abbreviated as YT Music, consists of a music streaming platform, imagined by the company Google.Inc. The music application is available in a basic version and a Premium version.

The music videos included in the tracks set the app apart from the rest of the competition. The service also makes it a point of honor to enrich its database of remixes, concerts and Internet covers.

Like its competitors, YouTube Music mixes, in its basic version, advertisements. The announcements intervene between two songs. The application also gives you free access to YouTube music lists. Its design is also reminiscent of that of the mother platform.

The application has a home page, a library and a Hotlist. The home page adopts a dark tint, specifically designed to prevent eye strain. A “favorites” tab stores the user’s favorite songs. Just like YouTube, YT Music invites you to subscribe to other users’ channels, giving you the ability to follow your favorite artists. Obviously, you can create your own chain.

Opening an artist’s page gives access to their titles, ranked by popularity. The application also offers a “lyrics” option, which displays the lyrics of your favorite songs.

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What are the features of YouTube Music?

The YouTube Music mobile app receives regular updates. Continuous improvement is a guarantee of performance and at the same time eliminates bugs. In January 2020 the discovered Mix appeared. The feature invites its users to listen to tracks according to their musical tastes.

In October 2020, a new feature emerged that was previously an exclusive offer for subscribers. YTMusic is now compatible on Chromecast (a gadget that transmits audio and video files from your PC to your television) as well as on speakers connected to Google Cast.

The platform has the ability to analyze your musical preferences from your playlists. From this analysis will result a list of songs likely to interest you. The service can also examine the context in order to identify a series of suitable titles. The application refers to the geographic location, weather conditions, route as well as user activity. Its technological performance results from the power of Google’s algorithm.

Finally, the interface invites you to access your playlists from the YouTube video streaming service. The two applications are constantly synchronized. This connection allows you to simultaneously modify your music catalog.

YouTube Music was also made available in 95 countries in October 2020, if it was limited to the United States during its launch.

Youtube Music home page

The free version is ad-supported, but limits its functionality. To unlock them, you must pay 4 to 15 euros per month.

Subscription to YouTube Music offers

Subscribing to YouTube Music services promises you a better user experience. The mobile application suggests three formulas depending on your status:

  • the student formula for around 4 euros
  • the standard formula for around 9 euros
  • the family formula for around 14 euros

The platform grants a one month free trial period new users who have already benefited from the services of Google Play Music and YouTube Premium. However, new subscribers who have never used Google services get a three-month free trial.

Payment entitles you to a richer music catalog than that of Google Play Music. You can turn the video accompanying the songs on and off as you like.

The benefits of subscribing to the paid YouTube Music subscription

The subscribing to one of the YouTube Music subscriptions unlocks all the enriching features of the interface. Listen to music anytime, anywhere with background playback. The feature allows music to play uninterrupted even if the app is closed.

Offline downloading is also a definite advantage. After a few settings, automate the downloading of your songs. In addition, the app detects songs you might like, based on your downloads.

With YouTube Music, let yourself be lulled by good background music during your travels. The “travel” option makes it easier to download songs, even in a country where the application remains unavailable. Outside the coverage area, downloads are valid for 30 days, while listening is available 6 months.

Finally, the interface performs a shuffle play for downloads. This option saves your data and facilitates the downloading of your music offline thanks to the shuffle mode. To do this, just:

  • open the app
  • sign in to your YouTube Music Premium account
  • direct you to the library from the menu at the bottom of the application screen
  • choose the “download” button
  • opt for “play everything in random mode”

You are now ready to listen to your favorite music!

What operating systems are compatible with YouTube Music?

The YouTube app is aimed at users of Android devices, tablets and smartphones. It is available and downloadable from the Play Store. You can access YT Music from Apple App Store. The interface is also compatible with iOS 11.0, iPad and Apple Watch.

If downloading turns you off, consider online YouTube Music services available anytime from your browser. Indeed, YT Music is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

The interface has successfully integrated with Android Auto, a mobile version of Google’s Android operating system dedicated to automotive dashboards. This way you can listen to and enjoy your favorite songs in the car.

In addition, users are eagerly awaiting compatibility between YT Music and Soundtouch systems. It is a multiroom system allowing simultaneous music streaming through all the rooms of your house.

What are the alternative applications to YouTube Music?

YouTube Music was designed to compete with all of the music streaming applications in the web market. Nevertheless, he faces formidable rivals.

Apple Music

In May 2018, Apple Music was launched, which today has more than 50 million users around the world. The audio streaming service has five sub-categories:

  • “New” features the latest songs fresh from iTunes Stores.
  • “For You” is a catalog of titles selected according to user preferences.
  • “Connect” consists of a social network whose vocation is the exchange between stars and their fans.
  • “Radio” is an online radio station that broadcasts specific programs continuously.
  • “My Music” designates the storage library for your music.

The streaming platform is available across 100 countries, including France. Previously, the app was intended for the exclusive use of Apple subscribers. Today, it is opening up to the world and integrating into Android devices and Windows PCs.


Spotify has over 75 million paying subscribers and over 95 million free listeners. The platform dominated the market for a long time, before being shaken by Apple Music. The interface of YouTube Music is somewhat similar to that of Spotify. The two platforms share the same color codes.

However, Spotify stands out with its specific formulas, like family offers and those for children. It also contains a rich database. The application is available on connected speakers, online services as well as connected televisions.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music appeared in 2007. At the time, the app was dubbed Amazon Mp3. The music streaming platform is on the bench of the leaders, along with its competitors Spotify and Apple Music. Initially, Amazon Music offered a selection of songs for sale, but it has extended its offering to music streaming.

Its access requires the creation of an account on Amazon or Amazon Prime. You can create an Amazon Music account, but it is recommended that you converge Amazon services into a single account. The platform contains more than 50 million titles, accessible offline, in return for a subscription. Listening takes place without any advertising disruption. As a welcome gift, Amazon Music offers a 30-day trial period before subscribing to its Premium offer.


Deezer is a French application available on mobile, on an internet box, on Windows, on Mac and on smart TVs. It has a catalog made up of more than 56 million music titles. The platform has a free and a paid version. In its basic format, the interface plays your favorite tracks. You also benefit from the “Flow” feature which groups together the songs you repeat in a loop and your favorite hits. The free version also gives access to some podcasts.

In the paid version, you get unlimited access to the entire library. You are free to play unlimited music, without restriction. You can even zap songs and listen to your songs offline.

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