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Download Xender Web for Windows: free download!

Xender Web

Recognized for its mobile file sharing applications, Xender Web also offers a web interface for easy access to content from its Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. The functions are certainly limited to transferring files, but the whole proves to be efficient, without prior account or advertising.

Xender Web is a web interface allowing you to connect from any computer, your smartphone or tablet running Android or iOS. Only file sharing is available, but unlike conventional telephone managers, Xender allows connection both on the same network and online via mobile data.Xender Web

How do I transfer files?

As the only prerequisite, the user must install the application either on Android or on iOS and then select the Send option. Among the options available, just choose the Transfer from / to PC / Mac option. Subsequently, the user can connect to his Windows, Mac or Linux computer and go to the address on any browser.

The next step is to scan the QR Code displayed on the browser using the camera on your tablet or smartphone. The connection is thus established and the user can consult the content of his mobile device such as photos, music, videos and installed applications classified by tabs.

Xender Web
Note that it is possible to copy a file to the device with a simple drag and drop of the mouse and that the installation of an application in APK format is available for Android devices.

Its grip

The web interface is fluid and without latency for a Wi-Fi connection while the connection via mobile data is a little more laborious. Apart from this point, the whole is easy to handle and translated into French.