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What to do with VMware Workstation Player?

0140000008695052-photo-vmware-workstation-player.jpgRput for its solid virtualization solutions dedicated to professionals, the editor VMWare offers free virtualization software VMware Workstation Player for personal use. A strong competitor to VirtualBox, this solution allows you to create virtual machines and install an operating system different from that of the host machine.

This operation has several advantages such as testing software without damaging the host machine and taking advantage of a closed environment and old operating systems.

Its features:

To get off to a good start when creating a virtual machine, a wizard guides the user step by step to define the installation disk, the amount of memory and allocated processors, the physical ports and the various devices to take into account.

In addition, VMware Workstation Player offers the management of shared directories between the host machine and the virtual machines. The user can also benefit from a shared clipboard.

What differences between versions Player and Pro ?

This Player version is dedicated to users who are new to virtualization. To go further, VMware Workstation has additional features such as the simultaneous opening of several virtual machines, the possibility of recording snapshots and taking advantage of advanced functions in terms of networking.

A simple solution to take in hand:

Although its interface is only available in English, VMware Workstation Player the fact remains very simple to use and configure.