Download Vivaldi for Windows: free download!

Vivaldi is a reliable and powerful browser for those looking for singular or simply innovative functionalities. Software to test absolutely.

New in Vivaldi 3.0:

  • New tracker blocker built into the browser and based on the DuckDuckGo tracker.
  • Ad blocker integrated into the browser.
  • Clock integrated into the interface which allows you to set an alarm or simply to check the time.
  • More ergonomic tab navigation.

0136000008651352-photo-vivaldi-screenshot-capture.jpgLow on free Chromium among others, Vivaldi is a new web browser ported by the former CEO of Opera (who had left this last veil now a few years).

Vivaldi is a browser which, in fact, looks like Opera 12.5 at the moment. There is the side panel (left) offering simplified access to bookmarks, Vivaldi webmail, contact management, downloads and notes. If his style is more flat (flattened) and more modern, he has, like his big brother before him, the good taste to adopt his colors finely to the content of the active tab.

Wanting to be forward-looking and, at the same time, a power-user, Vivaldi offers some resolutely advanced features including quick keyboard commands; function resulting from the desire to be able to navigate only on the keyboard. But also more surprising navigation options such as image masking, different filters (B&W, gray level, Sepia) or effects. Finally, note the possibility of ergonomic settings (positioning of tabs for example) or the customization of keyboard shortcuts.

The fact remains that our only criticisms would bring the too opaque design of the interface of quick commands or even performance a little below the average of current browsers.