Download Twitch Desktop App for Windows: free download!

Although still in beta, Twitch software for Windows is already stable and efficient; simple and effective, we recommend it without hesitation. Free and fully translated into French, the Twitch application is tested and more if affinities.

What is Twitch

Twitch is a social video platform created in 2011. Mainly dedicated to video games, it claims nearly 9.7 million active users, 2 million broadcasters per month and some 106 minutes viewed per person per day.

The opportunity to view the exploits of solo or team players in the most diverse games or to be a broadcaster yourself.


What can I do with the Twitch app?

Thanks to the application Twitch, anyone can create a video server or, more simply, join a community to chat, change their voice, video and, of course, play together.

How do I use the Twitch app?

Once the software installation has been completed, all users will have to connect their Twitch (or Curse) account or create an account directly within the app.

Then what? All he has to do is join his friends and take advantage of all the software's features. A search module is available for this. Another module will make it possible to discover servers which would interest the user.

Finally, note that the interface of Twitch proves to be ultra accessible even within the parameters. A good point.