TeamViewer QuickSupport

Download TeamViewer QuickSupport for Windows: free download!

Portable and lightweight, TeamViewer QuickSupport is a perfect client for quick, responsive remote control without administrator rights.

Instant technical assistance

TeamViewer QuickSupportTeamViewer is a free and essential distance control software in its field. It is a client / server solution for quickly accessing a remote machine. However, the complete solution requires installation and offers a wide range of client and server functionality.

For instant assistance, TeamViewer QuickSupport is more suitable because it is portable and does not require administrator rights. It is enough to launch it and to communicate the identifiers of connection to its partner so that it can take control of said machine.

For what needs?

Thanks to its quick launch, TeamViewer QuickSupport is commonly used by many technical assistants and is an ideal solution for helping out a family member, friends or co-workers.

Using the settings, the user can define the audio input and output options as well as the parameters and the video quality.

When taken in hand, only one window presents the identifiers to communicate and the instructions in French.