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what is Teamspeak used for?

Network play in teams, guilds or any other form of group requires a simple and accessible voice communication solution. In this domain, Teamspeak is referred to as reference software. This free solution allows multiple users to communicate by voice in several chat channels.00FA000008694410-photo-teamspeak.jpg

How does Teamspeak work?

This solution consists of a client, allowing access to all discussion servers and a server. The latter can be installed on a personal machine and will act as a virtual server, however complex to configure. The free license offers the possibility of hosting a single server limited to 32 locations. The user can also turn to paid hosting online or to free servers.

What are its main functions?

Teamspeak offers the possibility of adding new contacts and servers to a favorites list. A file manager even allows files to be exchanged via server hosting.

On the moderation side, a user can be assigned several permissions such as expulsion, banishment or muting of another user. Managing permissions and administrative rights is efficient and secure.

Its handling:

Although its interface is intuitive and in French, Teamspeak is no match for newcomers in the field of voice communication like Discord or Curse, intuitive solutions, free and loaded with social functionality.