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Download Should I Remove It? for Windows: free download!

Should I Remove It?

Paid since it was integrated Reason Antivirus, Should I Remove It? is a good tool for finding out what potentially malicious and unwanted software and tools you can uninstall. Its rating system makes it possible to sort between useful and dispensable thanks to an evaluation combining the community and the developers of the software. A good tool that has lost its free and its identity so that it is no longer a software but a functionality!

A free tool, but it was before!

Free since its creation, Should I Remove It? is now a feature incorporated into Reason Antivirus protection and only an unlockable option in the premium paid version available at around 30 / year.

Sort software on your PC

Should I Remove It? Is an original tool that lets you know what potentially malicious, unwanted, adware and unnecessary software is installed on the PC. To do this, it uses a rating system calculated from the users of the software, each uninstall increasing the rating, and according to the editor of a group of experts which allows not to stigmatize certain legitimate software.Should I Remove It?

How to use it ?

During the first launch, the software performs a scan of the different software installed on the PC and then offers a list which details a rating, the degree of uninstall as well as the threat level as well as a shortcut to uninstall each software in the blink of an eye. 'he.

Should I Remove It? is now integrated into Reason Antivirus PC protection and loses its identity to become a feature found in the Performance tab.