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A sprawling software whose power is only the limit of the imagination and talent of the user. Reason is THE CAD software different from the others, a software to test absolutely for enthusiasts as well as beginners!

What sets Reason apart from the competition?

In the large family of computer-aided music (MAO) software also called DAW (Digital Audio Workstation or Audio-Digital Station), there are a number of philosophies: between the sequencers almost exclusively based on VST plug-ins (for the effects) or VSTi (for the instruments), the more orientated "Live" environments made of brick and loops and those who mix these different visions. Reason was both designed for production and for Live by adopting a very material-oriented philosophy.

What does Reason include?

Indeed, where we stand out Reason, it is first of all in its "appearance". The software simulates a rack of instruments and effects that can be controlled at noon and whose wiring can be done completely manually by the user. It is a closed system, incompatible with external plug-ins such as VST, VSTI or AU (on Mac) allowing it unequal stability.

Reason also allows recording and processing of raw audio files; allowing him to come back and compete with the main software on the market. In addition, with version 6.5, the software opens to third-party developers, which allows you to purchase additional racks (Racks Extensions) approved by Propellerhead via an online store.

Reason incorporates a mixer (or mixer) worthy of the biggest recording studios as well as a large number of racks: polyphonic synthesizers (Thor, Malstrm, Subtractor), samplers (NN-XT, NN-19), rhythm samplers (Kong, Redrum, Dr. Octorex), pattern sequencer, arpgiateur, galiseur, "Mastering" suite, vocoder and effects (reverb, echo, filters, distortion).

The software's functionalities are thus divided into three windows (the multi-screen is therefore welcome): main mixer, rack and sequencing window.

Its grip

At first glance, it is certain that the software can go wrong; its three massive windows, the rack display and the "pile of cables" at the touch of a button Tab allowing the rack to be turned over. But the production possibilities are also huge: Reason has in fact this particularity of being tame and tame in very different ways which makes him a hyper-instrument or a multi-instrument whose sound will probably not be the same depending on the user.

Production with Reason Indispensable will require the use of a MIDI keyboard, production "by hand" as much as possible but much less practical.

A light version for the general public

Milling Essential of Reason is a "reduced" version and therefore less expensive of his big brother; to subscribers absent from this version: the granular synthesizer Malstrm, ployphonic Thor, as well as the Neptune Voice Pitcher, the sampler NN19 and the rhythm sampler Kong, the arpgiator RPG-8, the vocoder, some of the effects and the block arrangement. The versions can be compared here.0258000008518568-photo-reason-9.jpg

Limitations of the trial version: the software allows you to create and save songs but in no way open them (apart from the demonstration songs)