Download PDF-XChange Editor for Windows: free download!

Good software in its full version which can be frustrating in its free version because the editing and protection features will be inaccessible. It is nonetheless a complete solution to modify and process PDF documents with a neat interface.

Quick and easy PDF editing

0140000008736048-photo-pdf-xchange-editor.jpgIn the area of ​​PDF editing, several solutions exist on the market like PDF Architect or Nitro Pro. In the same spirit, PDF-XChange Editor offers a large number of functions for editing, commenting or even protecting PDF documents.

This solution includes both features available for free and others only accessible by putting your hand in the pocket for the version Editor or Editor Plus. If the reading of the documents is enough, it is possible to switch to PDF-XChange Viewer from the same editor.

Its features

In terms of editing, few functions are available in free version compared to the full version which gives the means to add text, modify existing text or even add an image. The software also provides the tools to annotate documents or to perform measurements and screenshots.

Simple handling of documents

In addition to modifying existing documents, PDF-XChange Editor allows you to convert several document formats from and to PDF such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Word file extensions or TXT and RDF text formats. The software also offers the possibility of opening documents directly from Cloud services such as SharePoint, Dropbox or Google Drive.

For security, the options to electronically sign or encrypt documents are only available for full versions.

And ergonomics

Even if it would be a little more attractive, the interface of PDF-XChange Editor is easy to handle and well translated into French.