Download Linux Live USB Creator for Windows: free download!

Free, portable and practical, Linux Live USB Creator is fast becoming the ideal solution to easily create a bootable USB key embedding a persistent Linux operating system. However, even if the creation process works perfectly, the same cannot be said for the option to launch LinuxLive from Windows. watch closely and try without further delay!

Linux Live USB Creator, what for?

Between burning LiveCD and installing with Wubi, the simplest solution to discover Linux is to install a distribution on a bootable USB stick. It offers many practical advantages including the possibility of transporting a persistent operating system and finding all of its applications and documents in seconds.

To simplify your task, we introduced you to UNetbootin last year. However, its spartan interface tends to put off the general public. Never mind, today Clubic offers you to try a new solution much more accessible and pleasant to use!

What are the features of Linux Live USB Creator?

Linux Live USB Creator or Lili will allow you to create and customize your persistent bootable Linux USB key in a handful of clicks.

With a modern interface, colored and translated into French, the operation is child's play. Regarding Linux distribution, you will be able to import it from a CD / DVD or one in ISO / IMG / ZIP format. You can also automatically download the latest version of your favorite distribution from the application.


What Linux distributions can I install?

On the menu, we discover the following distributions: Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Netbook Remix, Linux Mint, Kuki, CrunchBang, Super OS, gNewSense, xPUD, Fedora Gnome / KDE, CentOS, Debian Live Gnome / KDE / LXDE / Xfce, Tiny Core, Slax, Slitaz, Damn Small Linux, Puppy Linux, Toutou Linux, Gentoo Live, Sabayon, PCLinuxOS, Grml, KNOPPIX, DouDou Linux, ArchBang, Jolicloud and SMS aka Superb Mini Server. You will also have several rescue utilities: Parted Magic, Gparted Live CD, CloneZilla Live CD, SystemRescueCD, OphCrack XP, Oph Crack Vista and.

How to use the software?

Portable and fast, everything is done in five steps. After unzipping the archive on your desktop, launch the executable Lili USB Creator. Connect a USB stick, preferably empty, then select it.

You can then choose one of the many Linux distributions offered or indicate the path to your disk image or CD / DVD drive. As for the options, you will be able to hide the files on the key, format it in FAT32 but also launch Linux Live directly under Windows. This will download and install a portable version of VirtualBox.

All you have to do is click on the yellow lightning to start the creation process.