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Download Lightworks for Windows: free download!


Complete video editing software, reserved for experienced users. It does indeed require some technical knowledge. Although it can be downloaded free of charge, this program has a Pro version including additional features and allowing greater export flexibility.

What is Lightworks?

012C000008714812-photo-lightworks.jpgInherited from software intended for professional assemblers in the 1990s, Lightworks goes digital and offers a free version of its famous video editing and editing solution.

A simple and intuitive interface

Once the compulsory registration has been completed, the software invites the user to launch their first project, within a somewhat austere but rather simple interface. It is made up of four tabs that run all the tools to manage your audio / video files, edit the video, add effects and edit the audio files.

A toolbar provides access to a video or audio stream capture tool, import (video, sound and image) and export windows or the video editing tool.

Many editing functions

The editing tool is classic with a video player, the timeline constitutes different imported sources and a file management window. In short, the use of Lightworks requires a minimum of organization.0208000008714814-photo-lightworks.jpg

The program has a large gallery of many video and audio filters (color, angles, transition, styles, etc.) and allows the overlay of titles. Two aspects which are the subject of numerous parameters and which can be saved in the form of a model and a node routing system.

Compatible formats

Yes Lightworks allows you to work with AVI, MPEG-4 or files from most domestic video devices such as the RED, XDCAM, AVC, DVCPRO and DVCAM standards. For the free version, only the MPEG4 format with the h.264 standard is available for export.