Download IObit Unlocker for Windows: free download!

Free, efficient and practical, "IObit Unlocker" proves to be an excellent solution to unlock batch files and folders quickly and easily. Well thought out and complete, it will certainly appeal to a large audience and will come to grips with the most extreme cases. While waiting for a French translation, this utility is to be discovered, closely monitored and advised in your surroundings!

You have probably already wanted to delete a file or folder on your desktop and find yourself facing a Windows message of the type: "this file is used by another program" or "the resource is used by another person or another program. " The majority of you will then try to quit one of the open programs or even restart the computer in question. In the end, do nothing, it turns out to be impossible to delete this file or recalcitrant folder. The reason is simple. In order to preserve the integrity of your data, Windows blocks the deletion, moving, copying and renaming of any file and folder used. However, no need to worry. To solve this common problem under Windows, there are many practical applications like Unlocker, FileASSASSIN, LockHunter and WhoLockMe. In the same field, Clubic invites you to discover the efficient and free solution offered by the IObit editor!

IObit Unlocker will allow you to unblock, delete, move, rename and copy any recalcitrant file or folder. Whether completely blocked or just in use, the utility will detect the source of the blockage and offer you several options to quickly and easily resolve the problem. Practical, the program can take care of your files and folder in batches. In addition, it has been designed to work on both 32-bit Windows and Windows. Well integrated under Windows and having an ergonomic interface, the whole turns out to be childish, despite the absence of French translation.

You will have the choice of three methods to deal with the blocked file or files. The first will be to select the recalcitrant element [s], right click on the batch and then select the "IObit Unlocker" option from the Windows context menu. The second, which will surely appeal to beginners, consists of dragging and dropping the blocked file or files on the IObit interface. The third, more classic, will be to go through the "Add" button to indicate to the program the file or folder in question via the integrated Windows explorer.

Once the files are selected, "IObit Unlocker" will automatically determine if the targeted file [s] and folder [s] are actually blocked. In the event of blocking, the program will take care to indicate you the names, the paths and the Pid of the processes mobilizing your files and files. Advanced users can then, if they wish, try to manually close the application or applications in question or even kill the offending process or processes via the Windows task manager. However, we recommend that you rather use the talents of the IObit utility.

0096000004110668-photo-iobit-unlocker-logo-mikeklo.jpg"IObit Unlocker" will offer you five options to manage your blocked files and folders. You can choose to simply unlock them "Unlock", unlock them and delete them "Unlock & Delete", unlock them and rename them "Unlock & Rename", unlock them and move them "Unlock & Move" or still to unlock them and copy them "Unlock & Copy". With one click, all of your blocked files and folders will be processed. The messages "Unlock sucessfully" will finally confirm the smooth running of the operations.

However, in the event of failure, you will have an additional remedy. The brutal mode or "Force Mode" will allow you to come to grips with the most stubborn files and folders. Once activated, by checking the "Force Mode" option, "IObit Unlocker" will instantly "kill" all of the processes in your blocked folders and files, regardless of whether they are detected as blocking or not. Particularly radical, this mode is reserved for the most extreme cases.