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iLivid is a good tool for streaming and torrent downloads. With VLC, they are the ideal duo for quickly and simply viewing all types of videos. However, this assessment is nuanced in view of the low security offered by this tool.

Just manage your downloads

0136000007349804-photo-ilivid-capture.jpgiLivid is a light and easy to use download manager. Less secure than Download manager, it has however the interest to propose new very interesting functionalities. The torrent file download feature is convenient and rather intuitive. It makes it possible to classify the priority of the files, in the case where some would be more important than others.

Its features:

Simple actions, such as interrupting and starting all downloads, can be performed directly from the taskbar. If the download takes too long and starts to hurt the user's patience, the software allows you to launch the video without waiting for it to finish loading. The mostiLividis that it is also possible to download videos by streaming, simply by pasting the link from an online video hosting platform like YouTube or Dailymotion.

A well thought out interface

iLivid ensures you get your video quickly and, if it takes time, the preview function is a real bonus. The interface is entirely in English but despite this, its use is particularly simple. Please note: this software is not free for nothing. In exchange, it retrieves your user data for commercial purposes. This is why it is perceived as a virus by certain antiviruses.0131000007349800-photo-ilivid-capture.jpg0131000007349802-photo-ilivid-capture.jpgImportant information: iLivid also installs the Ask toolbar. If you do not want to end up with this feature in your browser, remember to uncheck the corresponding box.