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Download Facebook Lite mobile APK (free) for Android

We explain to you how to download Facebook Lite for Android. A mobile application should delight users who consume a lot of data and who no longer support the classic version. This Lite model is also not very resource intensive for the least efficient devices. Here's how to download and install the APK right away!

facebook lite application save data

Facebook Lite for Android: download and install the APK

Many will have noticed, Facebook is certainly one of the most energy-hungry applications, but also in data. The problem is that some users don't have subscriptions that include a lot of data. Do not panic, here is the best solution if you want to continue using the largest social network in the world without worrying about your consumption of mobile data.

In France we are fortunate to have extremely affordable packages offering excellent services, but elsewhere in the world this is absolutely not the case. So, to meet growing demand, particularly in emerging countries where data is very expensive, Mark Zuckerberg decided to launch Facebook Lite.

Facebook Lite on Android

The application is extremely light since it weighs less than 1 MB and has all the main functions: news feed, photos, notifications, messages, etc. To be able to offer all these services by reducing data, the application will compress all the information to display them on the smartphone, as does the Opra Mini browser for example.

The icing on the cake, it manages to adapt according to the networks to which it is connected. If the user is in Edge or GPRS, the data will be compressed so that the experience remains fluid. The latest version, freshly released, once again improves the performance and speed of the application.

The app is already available on some Play Stores, but unfortunately not in France. So if you are a big data consumer and that made you sweat a little to waste it, Facebook Lite should certainly seduce you. And if like 90% of French people you do not know how to assess your consumption of mobile data, you will at least know that Facebook consumes very little of it.

How to have Facebook Lite on Android (version

If you want to try or adopt Facebook Lite, even if it is not yet available on the French Play Store, you can still download and install the APK file. You will see, it is not very complicated, here are the three steps to follow:

It is very important that you download the APK file that we offer to you. Do not download other files. We recently discovered that some Facebook Lite APK files were infected with malware. So be careful.

Voil, you can take advantage of Facebook Lite Android to save DATA and battery! If you have tested the application, tell us in the comments what you think!