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Download Emoticon for Windows: free download!


Emoticon deserves to be free, relatively clean and easy to use. Smile lovers of all kinds will appreciate.

Nostalgia for moticnes

012C000008712762-photo-emoticon.jpgReplaced for several years by emojis, less nervous and more discreet, moticnes have shaped the history of the Internet, from MSN Messenger to forums and e-mails. For the most nostalgic of these animated icons, free software Emoticon is an ideal tool for managing, importing and inserting symbols in emails, online discussions or on a forum.

Several categories available

Smilies are classified by category, we thus find moticnes relating to work, birthdays or moods (passive, happy, sad, surprised …). Their sizes are different and most are animated. Please note, however, that some naughty patterns are not recommended for the youngest.

Thereafter, the user must simply have the window open with compatible software such as Outlook, Word, GMail and click on the smiley of his choice to insert it directly into the discussion or the current email.

Additional and free content

If the basic content is not enough, the editors ofEmoticon offer many free additional packs to download and integrate into the software.
Finally, let’s underline the interface available in French is easy to handle.