Download Dropbox for Windows: free download!

Practical, efficient and well thought out, Dropbox is an excellent solution for quickly backing up, sharing and synchronizing files and folders between online storage, multiple computers and even smartphones. While waiting for a version translated into French and the arrival of new services, the set is available for free on Windows!

Dropbox: a simple solution to save, share and synchronize your data

To save, transfer and share your files, there are many solutions on the market. Most of you naturally think of USB keys, external hard drives, local network sharing, FTP servers, emails, instant messaging, hosting platform and even P2P transfers.

Besides these various solutions, there are online storage services less known to the general public, but extremely efficient and practical such as the iDisk of Apple's MobileMe, Windows Live Mesh with Skydrive from Microsoft as well as the Ubuntu One of Canonical. In the same vein, Clubic invites you to discover a new particularly accessible, ergonomic and well thought out solution offered by the American publisher. Dropbox !

Dropbox will allow you to backup, share and synchronize your files and folders, extremely easily and quickly. The service consists of a free application and an online interface accessible from any browser, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer 9.

By creating a free account, you have by default a free online storage space of 2 GB. Via a sponsorship mechanism, the space reserved for a free account can be extended to 10 GB. , Mac and Linux, the whole turns out to be childish.

Once the application is installed and configured, simply drag and drop your data into a "Dropbox" folder so that it is automatically replicated and transferred securely via SLL to a private online storage space where it will be protected by AES-256 bit encryption.

The documents and files are finally accessible on the online interface, and this from any internet browser. They can be downloaded, moved, deleted, but also shared via a private invitation device by email address.

Your data automatically updated on all your terminals

0078000003904004-photo-dropbox-logo-mikeklo.jpgThe service does not stop there. By installing the application on several computers identified with the same account, the data contained in the "Dropbox" folders of each machine will be automatically replicated and synchronized identically.

For greater efficiency, if the computers belong to the same wired network, transfers will be carried out automatically by LAN without requiring additional configuration. Effortlessly, you will find all your files and folders as you left them, whether they have undergone major modifications or have only been renamed.

The solution is excellent if you are used to using several machines at different times of the day. Private sharing devices will facilitate data transfers within the family circle but can also be used to work collaboratively on the same document.

Your data available online, from your smartphone

Even stronger, you will be able to find via the online interface, the version history of the same document, but also to recover a deleted document on one of the machines. To perfect it all, the "Dropbox" application is available on iOS: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad; Android and Blackberry to recover and save photos and other documents in one click.

How to do ? After starting the installation of Dropbox on Windows, if you do not already have a Dropbox account, directly select the option "i don't have a dropbox account" to create one for free. Then choose from the three online storage offers, 2 GB free, 50 GB for $ 9.99 per month or 100 GB for $ 19.99 per month. Then select the "Advanced" installation option to be able to choose the location of the "Dropbox" folder on your hard drive and define which sub-folders will be synchronized.

By default, the folder will be created at the root of the hard drive used by Windows and all folders and files are automatically synchronized. Once the installation is complete, you will find in your Dropbox the "photos" folders to share your "photos" and "public" in which all the data deposited will be accessible without invitation. By default, files uploaded outside these folders are private.

On the other hand, if Dropbox has already been installed with your account on one of your computers or smartphones, your files and folders will be instantly brought back to your Dropbox. Dropbox will always be a click away from the Windows taskbar among the notification icons. As for preferences, you can deactivate notifications, launch the service at Windows startup, limit the use of bandwidth or even configure a proxy service.

Official and free Dropbox extension

+Download Dropbox Folder Sync to synchronize with Dropbox files located outside the "Dropbox" folder on Windows!