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Download Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard for Windows: free download!

Dragon NaturallySpeaking-F

Adapted to all needs, studies of advanced business sectors, Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a powerful voice recognition solution for computers. The free trial version is only available in English and its variants.

A voice over computer enthusiast

Dragon NaturallySpeaking-FDragon NaturallySpeaking is essential voice recognition software. It allows individuals and professionals to control their computer, to dictate texts and e-mails only by voice.

Well configured, the software offers the possibility of controlling numerous activities on your PC thanks to the integrated commands and those personalized by the user.

How does it work ?

To get started, only a microphone is required for the software to work properly. The latter is compatible with most microphones plugged into Jack or USB as well as those on board laptops.

For text editing, just start dictating aloud on Microsoft Word, Notepad, LibreOffice and many office software to see the text transcribed live. If an expression or a word is missing from the software, the vocabulary editor allows you to quickly add complex expressions or proper names for easier speech recognition.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking-F

Dragon is great for dictating mail, but also researching the web, writing emails, and chatting on social media. Access to dictionaries and various functions is simple and quick thanks to the toolbar which is integrated on the upper part of the screen.

A multitude of versions for all needs

Whether for healthcare professionals, developers and a host of industries, Dragon NaturallySpeaking is available in as many versions to suit many advanced needs.

Important Note : This software is available in free evaluation version and only in English.