Dism ++

Download Dism ++ for Windows: free download!

Available free, in French and in portable version, Dism ++ is a good software to clean your system and define a host of parameters. It is handy to run a host of Windows options and services within a single interface.

Similar to a CCleaner, Dism ++ is a free and portable utility allowing to analyze and clean the system in order to improve its functioning. DISM was originally a tool integrated into the system and command line which Dism ++ add a graphical interface.

Thoroughly clean your PC

Dism ++Dism ++ offers to clean up their PC in advance by reviewing obsolete, temporary files and cache files to save disk space. The utility also offers the possibility of disabling the software and services that launch at startup as well as the Windows Store apps already installed.

The tab Tools also includes several utilities such as backing up and restoring the OS, creating an ISO file as well as an ISO to ESD converter and vice versa as well as into ESD and WIM.

A host of Windows settings

Dism ++ also highlights many Windows options related to taskbar, themes, system security, explorer, network, Microsoft Edge, context menu, services, network and many other Windows settings . The user is also able to consult and uninstall his hardware drivers as well as the installed software.Dism ++

The software offers to uninstall optional components such as Windows Media Player or Cortana voice recognition.

Its grip

Dism ++ is all the same reserved for an informed public because of the complexity of certain options. It is recommended to document yourself before deleting certain files.

Note also that the interface is available in French and is well thought out and intuitive.