Download BitTorrent free

Even though many alternative BitTorrent clients have emerged, BitTorrent continues to be developed and constantly enriched with new functionalities.


The essential of online sharing:

Using the peer-to-peer peer sharing protocol, BitTorrent is the first torrent client in history and still in development.

Since version 6.0, it is no longer available in open source and turns out to be an inspired version of Torrent (uTorrent).

Commonly used to download large files like Linux distributions or disk images, BitTorrentis software for sharing files via a system that allows peer-to-peer data downloads.

Its features:

Although it is light to install and equipped with a pure interface, the torrent client is full of features allowing to manage the download of a large number of files from various sources.

Among its main features, BitTorrent suggests adding files .torrent, magnets of RSS feeds. In addition, it is possible to carry out searches on predefined sites (Mininova and Infospace) or those entered by the user.

Going through the options, bandwidth and download queue can be fully configured. The same is true for the destination and scheduler folders, which allow you to define time slots according to the day of the week and the limited emission and download rates.

What about its inferface?

And ergonomics, BitTorrent is available in French and uses the same interface and the main features of Torrent (uTorrent). Therefore, the tutorial to remove advertising under Torrent (uTorrent) also works with BitTorrent and is available here.