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Download AVG PC TuneUp (ex TuneUp Utilities) for Windows: free download!


Extremely rich in terms of functionality AVG TuneUp has become an optimization classic in just a few versions. Our only regret concerning this pack of utilities does not come from its qualities, but from having to pay 39.95 in order to be able to use it beyond 15 days.

Why choose this software?

0140000008713018-photo-avg-tuneup.jpgSoftware optimization is often the key to a reliable and long-lasting system. If for an advanced user the collection of specialized and personalized tools seems natural, for the most beginners to do well and simple seems mission impossible …

There are nevertheless solutions such as Norton Utitilies, System Mechanic or even Jv16 PowerTools; in the same line AVG PC TuneUp aims to be the light and all-in-one tool that guarantees the best functioning of your Windows computer.

From TuneUp AVG PC TuneUp

AVG PC TuneUp is the new name for the utility suite TuneUp Utilities since the acquisition of AVG in 2011. The software is organized around three axes and more than 30 tools at the service of your computer to maintain the system and improve performance, free up disk space and then solve problems.

The detail of the features

In the program :

  • Maintenance : Resolving registry issues, removing invalid shortcuts, scanning cache and system logs, scanning browser data, disk fragmentation.
  • Acceleration : Real-time optimization, background program management, Turbo mode configuration
  • Cleaning : Free up disk space with the deletion of duplicate files and log and temporary files.
  • Problem solving : Checks for obsolete software, User Account Control, identification of disk errors, restoration of deleted files and cancellation of the last modifications.


Complementary tools

Note also the presence of an advanced system of recommendations whose objective is to improve performance, solve problems and optimize PC startup and shutdown; these systems taking, of course, the other functionalities in order to advise the best optimizations to be carried out.

For those who really want to take care of nothing, one-click maintenance will allow you to be led by the hand; the great strength of this software also lies in its simplicity that you want a powerful, protected PC, optimized it remains affordable all.

Limitations of the trial version: All the functionalities are operational, but the evaluation version can only be used for fifteen days.