Download Avast Internet Security for Windows: free download!

Avast Internet Security is a most complete security suite and, once is not customary, good value for money.

anti-virusAvast One of those publishers who have acquired their credentials by contributing massively to the security of Internet users, in particular by offering a free version of their antivirus software.

Avast! Internet Security is the next step, proposed by the editor of the same name, integrating all the products developed by the company.

Quite standard, we find:

  • Antivirus, anti-spyware and antirootkit protection continues;
  • Antivirus and mailbox protection, instant messaging and web browsing;

But o Avast! stands out it is with functions such as WebRep, which allows the display of the reputation of the sites browsed or displayed in your search engine (and this for all browsers).

We will also note the use (automatic or not) of a "Sandbox" and of a reverse "Sandbox" to, respectively, execute the execution of sensitive programs without risking damage and grab external applications which would try to access to the system.

The firewall, and it is important to note, combines heuristic analysis and behavioral analysis which sets it apart from many of the competing personal protection suites.

Finally, Avast! announces a performance gain of 80% during on-demand analyzes by the use of a white list making it possible to avoid scanning the applications recognized as so without any danger.

Avast Internet Security is a very good product; elegant, ergonomic and rather light (even if it is not its first strong point) it is a family suite whose price does not exceed the understanding.