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Download Avast Cleanup for Windows: free download!

avast cleanup

Avast Cleanup is a concentrate of efficient and simple tools to optimize, clean and free up space on your computer. It reviews junk files, ad-infected browsers and the system in depth to improve the overall performance of the PC.

Clean and optimize the system

avast cleanupAvast Cleanup is commercial software said by Avast to optimize and improve the functioning of the computer. Mainly intended for beginners, this tool offers the possibility of ensuring PC maintenance in a few clicks, putting an end to untimely slowdowns and freeing up space on the disk.

Review the entire system

PC slowdowns can be caused by several factors. So,Avast Cleanup offers four categories to optimize the PC with ease:

  • Maintenance: to delete unnecessary shortcuts, unwanted system files, obsolete Registry items as well as cookies and browsing history of the different installed web browsers.
  • Acceleration: In order to put programs that run in the background or that start when the system starts up in standby.
  • Free up space: A saturated hard drive can be the main cause of crashes, the tool allows you to delete Windows installation files, temporary files and system logs as well as those of the various installed programs.
  • Solve problems: to correct problems related to Windows system and functionality.

Its grip

the image of the other solutions said by Avast, Avast Cleanup benefits from a simple interface, easy to use and fully translated into French. Finally, note that this solution is available here as a free trial version and only allows you to perform a system analysis and consult any problems. You will have to go through a subscription to clean the PC and remove unwanted items.