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Download all Mac OS wallpapers in 5K

Download all Mac OS wallpapers in 5K

For the most nostalgic of the Mac, a blogger offers to download all the wallpapers from the first, Cheetah, in 5K.

Photo credit: Screenshot credit: Screenshot

The first Macintosh was officially launched in January 1984. Over the years, thirteen wallpapers have come to cover new versions of Mac OS. Obviously, the first images were not designed for the quality of current screens.

Stephen Hackett, collector of Apple objects and blogger, found each of the wallpapers to adapt them to higher quality screens. With the help of the designer @forgottentowel, the images are modified or even reassembled from any part in high-definition. From Puma, through Sierra to Tiger, the thirteen images are now available with a resolution of 5120 2880 pixels. The high resolution of images allows you to enjoy them on all machines, even on the iPhone or iPad.

The thirteen images are available for free on the site 512pixels.