Download adsl TV for Windows: free download!

Adsl TV is certainly one of the best mods for multi-user services. If the software is very easy to use, its possibilities are enormous and the most advanced users will also find their account there. A must download without any hesitation.

what is adsl TV for?

0140000008712192-photo-adsl-tv.jpgSubscribers to the TV Free, SFR, Alice, PlayTV or Bouygues packages can, thanks to the multi-user, view most of the channels broadcast by ADSL directly on their PC.

To do this, adsl TV, an independent supplier initiative, takes advantage of this functionality and offers an easy-to-use tool that allows you to easily zap between the channels offered in multiple stations on these bouquets but not only. Indeed, not content to propose, in particular, the record (TV and radio), screenshot, the PiP (picture-in-picture) or the time-shifting, adsl TV allows in addition to connect a large number of Web TV or listen to webradios.

Video recording and programs

The software also offers the user the possibility of consulting the TV guide, defining his favorite channels as well as adjusting the format of the image (window and full screen mode, zoom, 4/3, 16/10) on the fly via the player's remote control.

This video recording, adsl TV offers in addition to the programming of these, advanced settings for the most experienced (audio and video codecs, recording profiles).

Simple and rapidly evolving software

In a few years and several million downloads, the software has performed well. Now equipped with a modern interface, it is nevertheless possible to adopt or create one yourself skin for adsl TV in order to personalize it.

Finally, remember that the software is based on the excellent free VLC media player. However, no complex settings are necessary: ​​everything works transparently behind an interface accessible to any user.