Download Adblock Plus for Firefox for Windows: free download!

True figurehead of ad blockers for a long time, Adblock Plus is no longer as credible as it used to be. His editor making agreements with actors of online advertising. However, the module remains effective and simple to use.

The editorial team wants to make you aware of the fact that the financial health and sustainability of many websites, including Clubic.com, are directly linked to the advertising revenues generated by banners and advertisements.

In addition, some features, such as playing certain videos, can be blocked by devices like Adblock Plus.

What to do with Adblock Plus?

00FA000008654614-photo-adblock-plus-pour-chrome.jpgAdblock Plus is an extension for Mozilla Firefox dedicated to blocking advertising on websites. This add-on is free (its code is open source) and available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Yandex.Browser, Maxthon, Microsoft Edge but also on Android.

Why advise (or not) Adblock Plus?

As the primary source of income for websites, advertising has seen its value decrease over the past few years. Ads then become more intrusive and cause the display of web pages to slow down.

The extension Adblock Plus allows these problems to be answered by authorizing only the display of the advertisements it judges acceptable.

Be careful though, the creator ofAdblock Plus has set itself the activity of advertising management by entering into agreements with major players. Advertisements are only acceptable if the advertising group and the blocker have entered into a partnership.

How does Adblock Plus work?

00FA000008654612-photo-adblock-plus-pour-chrome.jpgAdblock Plus works in part thanks to its community. Each user can report an intrusive advertisement and from there, cause it to be blocked for the rest of the users of the extension.

Adblock Plus blocks the script or the call to the ad server. It is this functioning which is both its strength and its weakness, indeed Adblock Plus can prevent functional scripts from executing for the user; such as viewing a video or formatting the site.


The latest news around Adblock Plus: