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Donald Trump commits a blunder and calls Tim Cook… Tim Apple


Posted: March 8 2019
Updated: March 8, 2019

by Steve

Tim cook has already replaced his last name on Twitter with the apple brand logo. At a meeting on new technology, hosted at the White House, the president Donald trump called the president and chief executive officer of the Cupertino firm … Tim Apple. And since the incident occurred in front of a whole audience of journalists, Internet users quickly became aware of it.

You have really invested a lot in our country. Thank you very much, Tim Apple “Said Donald Trump in front of dozens of cameras. Even a humorous film would not have thought of such a comical punchline. Donald Trump is not at his first try. In a speech by Lockheed Martin president Maryllin Hewson, Donald Trump called him Marillyn Lockheed.

Sometimes these name changes are also intentional, especially when he wants to make fun of his opponents and opponents. He thus renamed the boss ofAmazon and Washington Post Jeff Bozo (Jeff le Crétin, in French) instead of Jeff Bezos. As for Tim Cook, who therefore exchanged his name on Twitter with an Apple smiley, he never really carried Mr. Trump in his heart: when the latter was a presidential candidate, the CEO ofApple had participated in a confidential meeting with other tech giants to block Donald’s path.

tim cook trump - Donald Trump commits a blunder and calls Tim Cook… Tim Apple