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Donald Trump and “Tim Apple”: the American president shouts at fake news


Posted: March 12 2019
Updated: March 11, 2019

by Steve

You remember the blunder of Donald trump, who called the CEO of the Apple brand “Tim Apple”, instead of Tim cook ? But if ! The editorial staff of World is Small told you about this a few days ago. Tim Cook had even, out of derision, changed his name “Cook” on Twitter to an apple emoji, his company logo.

Tim Cook Donald Trump - Donald Trump and

Since then, the President of the United States has not assumed responsibility. As often, moreover. Donald Trump indeed held a meeting with donors from his party, the Republicans, at his Mar-a-Lago residence in the state of Florida, in the United States. He also said during the meeting that he did not say “Tim Apple” but “Tim Cook Apple”, very quickly. Journalists therefore did not hear, neither the cameras nor the spectators. According to the president, the word “Cook” was whispered, so no one heard the name of the CEO.

The media, according to Donald Trump, therefore relayed a fake news. As usual. And yet, by watching the video again, Donald Trump says “Tim Apple”, without any words between the two words. The White House, which published a transcript of the exchange between Tim Cook and the President, also ruled that Donald Trump said “Tim Apple”, not “Tim Cook Apple”. One donor present at Mar-a-Lago even said: “ Why lie about it? It doesn’t even matter