Does your ex look at your Facebook profile?

Does your ex look at your Facebook profile?

Who's watching my Facebook profile? Curiosity misplaced? Protection of private life? It is you to see, in any case, know that it is possible to know who looks at your Facebook profile, very easily and thanks to an Android application.

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Who viewed your Facebook profile? Your ex? 😉 / ANDROIDPIT

The technique is very simple, really, just download an application, awkwardly titled "Who have your profile (Facebook)," to connect via it his Facebook account and quietly acquainted with the top people who look your Facebook profile.

who is looking at my facebook profile
The free application allows you to see the 5 people who see your profile the most. / ANDROIDPIT

The method of calculation is not given and to display more than 5 people who have looked at your Facebook page, you have to pay. That said, the application deserves to work, to be very easy to use, and the authorizations requests remain relatively reasonable, see table below.

Who viewed your profile: Permissions
In-app purchases
Identit: user accounts on the device (your Facebook account)
Photos / Contents / Multimdias / Files: Probably related to Facebook, it's a bit annoying …
Info about the wifi connection
Other notable permissions: running at startup, full network access, receiving data from the internet

To know more Authorizations, what is it?

As always with this type of applications, you see if these permissions are questionable or not. The developer ensures that nothing will be published on our Facebook wall. Be aware that for many, this app is bogus and only serves to steal login information. So you use it your risks and prils. We do not know the current time whether it is legitimate or not. After talking with the developer, we have very big doubts, but we suspected it. Still, it's good to always check what you install on your smartphone!

Are you curious? Would you like to know who is watching your Facebook profile? Or do you find this type of application limit? In any case, it allows to answer an existential question: does your ex consult your Facebook profile?

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