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Does Apple work on a hybrid screen?

Does Apple work on a hybrid screen?

Will Apple be the first manufacturer to offer a tablet with a screen combining the comfort of reading electronic ink, and the richness of colors combined with the multimedia performance of LCD screens? failing to have equipped iPad 2 with such a screen, a patent for an eInk-LCD hybrid screen filed in 2009 by Apple has just been made public by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The Cupertino company would have worked (would it still work?) On a hybrid screen concept allowing to instantly switch from a color LCD screen to a low consumption monochrome screen depending on the type of content viewed. This system would be based on a multi-layer screen capable of interpreting static and dynamic content and of automatically determining the resolution to be adopted.

in the manner of the Mirasol and Liquavista projects, such a notch would therefore make it possible to take advantage of the best of the two current technologies and to offer a good compromise in terms of energy consumption management. A good omen for the comfort of reading and the autonomy of the next generation of tablets / readers Two products which should eventually merge as the democratization of hybrid screens and the downward trend in prices.

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