Does Apple really shake the Swiss industry, in your opinion?

Does Apple really shake the Swiss industry, in your opinion?

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connected-watch ipa iphoneWhile some people think that the Apple Watch is a failure, it is still difficult to know if this is really the case or not, many owners love their watches, some are still wondering what's the point and are hesitant to cross the step, while others abandon them.
However, cumulative sales have allowed Apple to become the new number two worldwide of a market to which he knew nothing before, that of watchmaking. Apple would be moving towards a revolution of the dial needle …

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If the name Rolex is so famous because the Swiss company was the first to manufacture in 1926 a waterproof watch, the Oyster, the brand had at the time many years ahead of its competitors which allowed him to sit this so big fame that we know nowadays.
This year Apple is now behind Rolex in terms of revenue generated by its connected watch, which is rather impressive! Not really worrying Haute Horlogerie in terms of prices, because the average price of a watch is often around 3 000 euros see more. Nevertheless, in terms of global turnover, that's enough to upset a certain balance that has lasted for years.

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We do not know yet the number of connected watches sold by Apple and especially the number of bracelets, or accessories sold because it is also the secret to make the margin in this industry.
However, Juniper Research estimates that the Cupertino giant sold 8.8 million Apple Watch last year … and IDC it 13 million! According to René Weber's annual Swiss study, Apple with 4.5 billion Swiss francs in sales would have overtaken Omega (2.06) and Cartier (2.01), and would follow suit as we explained it, to only 0.4 billion, already the leader Rolex (4.9). In fifth place would be the manufacturer of Fitbit connected wristbands (1,7), ahead of Patek Philippe (1,3), Longines (1,2) and Tissot (1,0). Rather a great feat, so, in just a few months of presence on the watch market, for the Californian giant.

And so, what about use? Following a survey conducted by a company specializing in the analysis of the uses of connected objects we learn that 94% of Apple Watch users are satisfied. Nevertheless, only 43% of those surveyed recommend it to a loved one …

An unsatisfied satisfaction in a way, which could be explained by three factors: the desire to see a real watch independent of the smartphone, it must be more useful or at least people should no longer wonder what's the use to cross the not, finally this one will have to be more powerful, notably in terms of autonomy.

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Even if an Apple Watch 2 is as good in terms of waterproofness with its 50 meters as a lambda quartz watch, a quartz watch with a battery life of 2 years against a day. However, an Apple Watch allows you to do a lot of things very quickly and to free your smartphone, which does not allow a traditional watch that offers only a simple reading of the time that passes. In the same way, the prices of a Swiss watch are relatively high or unaffordable, compared to a sports version on the Apple side.

The most difficult will always be to decide between a good watch quality Swiss Made mechanical watch (like a modest Swatch or a Frederique Constant, a Hamilton, an Oris or a Tissot for more accessible without forgetting Omega, Tag Heuer, or Rolex and many others) and a connected watch, certainly desirable, but whose programmed obsolescence and the accelerated aging experienced by any high-tech product lead to uselessness a few years later.

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Maybe the Apple Watch 3 or the Apple Watch 4 will shake even more the Swiss watch industry, which under its airs serene and millimeter, closely monitors the Cupertino company. One thing is certain, once better understood and fully loaded with electric energy, the forthcoming versions will certainly give a twist to their Geneva mechanical rivals, a little help that the jewel of the apple needs!

And what are your opinions? You are rather Apple Watch, swiss-made high-end watch, simple swatch, vintage watch or you swear by your iPhone to give you the time! It's time for you to comment in seconds! Good Sunday to all.