Do We Have A New Building Material In Fortnite Season 2? - GKZ Hitech

Do We Have A New Building Material In Fortnite Season 2? – GKZ Hitech

Fortnite players fear that we could get gold gear in Fortnite season 2.

Fans jump on any information that could point to Fortnite Season 2, and that is understandable. Fortnite season 1 is the longest season in history and the lack of consistent updates has made us feel every passing week.

Fans have even used recent Fortnite leaks as a theory to find out what might happen in Season 2.

Recently, we saw gold accessories that appear to be in the Eye Land center of the map. The players believe that these could point to new building materials in Fortnite season 2.

Via: @ Lucas7Yoshi

Fans think we could start seeing these accessories before season 2, but that they will eventually bring out a new type of material when the new Fortnite season begins.

Reddit user KinaKingy expressed this theory on the subreddit r / FortniteBR. They have given their own opinions on what could happen, although many players have offered similar theories.

As for what the Gold material will be capable of, the community is divided. Some people go so far as to predict that fully constructed gold will be almost impervious to damage.

Epic will need to be careful about adding a new type of material in Season 2 – especially from a competitive perspective. There could be a number of reasons for these accessories, however. One type of Gold material is only one possible answer.

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