Do hackers benefit from the success of the iPad?

Romanian company specializing in IT security, BitDefender, has just announced that hackers would take advantage of the success of the iPad to try to break into the computer of their owners.

Their modus operandi is to send thousands of emails, including to the United States, hoping to connect with an iPad owner. The email serving as an app would prompt the user to download a latest update for the iPad. Once the file (Trojan horse) has been downloaded and installed, which would therefore have nothing to do with the iPad, the hackers could then take control of the infected computer.

With more than 600,000 iPads sold since the launch of the tablet, it is easy to understand why virus creators indicates on his site BitDefender.

By the way, we also understand the message subliminal from the Romanian company which invites us to download its security software!

We discuss it on the forum.

(( AFP via Le Soir )