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Dj a candle for iPhone OS 3.0

iPhone OS 3.0

It was indeed a year ago that Apple presented, in preview, its iPhone 3.0 and released the Beta version of OS 3.0

Small revolution because this version brought us, in bulk, copy / paste, MMS, Tethering, search via Spotlight, voice memo, purchases from an application, turn-by-turn navigation, bluetooth in stro, the keyboard in landscape mode, P2P games and I certainly forget about it!

Today, a year later, we are in 3.1.3, the 3.2 Beta version is available and nearly 30 million iPhone and iPod touch are on the market. I do not count the 150,000 iPad in pre-order and of course the ton of apps available.

So happy birthday but please do not celebrate this anniversary for too long, which after all is symbolic, because we are all impatient to discover what you have concocted in version 4.0.

We discuss it on the forum.