Diver Found 7 iPhone, 5 Apple Watch & 6 GoPro in a River

plongeur iphone riviere - Un plongeur a trouvé 7 iPhone, 5 Apple Watch & 6 GoPro dans une rivière


Posted: February 6 2019
Updated: February 6, 2019

by Steve

What if the local river hides incredible treasures? In a video that has now gone viral, an American diver living in the state of Georgia finds a whole bunch of almost new electronic items. Among them ? Seven iPhone, six cameras GoPro and five Apple Watch. But also … 8 firearms. This is also the American dream!

To each of his finds, the one who responds to the nickname DALLMYD on Youtube, exclaims with a ” Youhou! Almost communicative. And this cry of joy is understandable. Accustomed to cans, old shoes and pieces of wood soaked in water, the objects on which he falls in this 26-minute video are all little treasures that will push him to continue the excavations.

diver iphone riviere - A diver found 7 iPhone, 5 Apple Watch & 6 GoPro in a river

His exploits have been seen, at the time of writing, more than 7,500,000 times on Youtube. DALLMYD is not at its first attempt: the internet user also found a credit card, a tombstone, dozens of cars, motorcycles … and even a Megalodon tooth in a video posted a year ago. months!

The diver also declared that most of the objects he finds are good for resale. From his passion, diving, he knew how to make it a real source of income. Isn’t that the purpose of life?