Disney +: towards a merger with Hulu to become the ultimate streaming platform?

Disney + could merge with Hulu as reported by our colleagues from the BGR site. Such an alliance would allow Disney + to have a solid and much more varied catalog, with adult content, things that the platform is sorely lacking at the moment. What to create the ultimate service and overthrow Netflix?

disney + hulu
Credit: Disney +

Recently, we learned that Disney + was preparing to integrate an 18+ section housing adult programs on its platform. This section could land in April 2021 and would consist of Fox, ABC and Marvel content that is owned by Disney. Users could thus vary the pleasures with mature films and series, such as Logan, Black Widow, DeadPool 2 or Kingsman.

However, the addition of this 18+ section would not be Disney’s only project in connection with Disney +. Indeed, the American giant would consider merging Disney + with Hulu, famous streaming platform. According to our colleagues from the BGR site, the operation is already underway. Indeed, the firm with the big ears would have already pushed towards the exit several executives of Hulu, in anticipation of this merger.

Hulu and Disney +: a combination that has potential

As a reminder, Hulu is also owned by Disney and displays today 36.6 million subscribers worldwide. These millions of users could therefore be added to the 73 million Disney + subscribers. The platform could then boast of having 110 million subscribers, enough to reassure Wall Street investors.

In addition, the combination of the two services would allow Disney + to diversify its catalog, today mainly intended for children. Aside from The Mandalorian, there is very little adult content. Conversely, the target audience on Hulu being much older, there are series and films for adults, such as Parasite, The Handmail’s Tale, Scandal or the sulphurous series Nip tuck.

As BGR specifies, Disney will however have to make some adjustments to Disney + if it actually wishes to merge its service with Hulu. In the first place, Disney + will have to offer parents effective parental controls, in order to prevent their children from finding content that is inappropriate for their age. In addition, the question of the price of the subscription will have to arise sooner or later, but we suspect that an increase is inevitable.

Source: BGR