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Disney Plus Party: the two Chrome extensions download

The new Disney + successful streaming service has more than 50 million subscribers worldwide today.

Launched on April 7 in France, its arrival on the French notches was a boon for children, but also adults, especially in this period of confinement.

In addition to all the advantages it has to offer, the Disney + platform is also available in the form of a third-party extension called Disney Plus Party and offered by the Chrome browser.

To learn more about this feature and learn how to install it on your computer, read the rest of this tutorial.

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What is Disney Plus Party?

Disney Plus Party is an extension, not affiliated with Walt Disney, downloadable on Chrome. It allows you to watch the programs broadcast on your streaming service, simultaneously and remotely with your friends.

Download Disney Plus Party

As with Netflix Party, before downloading Disney Plus Party, it is essential that each user has a Disney + subscription.

The extension is only available on the Chrome desktop version, therefore it does not work on smartphones or tablets.

Once these indications in mind, follow the steps below to install Disney Plus Party:

  • Open your browser Chromium.
  • Go to the Chrome Web Store.
  • Search Disney Plus PartyThere are two versions of the app, Moon 2.29 and the other free. By opting for the paid one, you will have access to a chat to change with your friends.
  • Click on Add Chrome.

Licne DP will appear at the top right of your browser window.

Use Disney Plus Party

Disney Plus Party is very easy to use:

  • Open Disney +.
  • Start a movie of your choice.
  • Click on theDP extension icon, at the top right of the Chrome search bar.
  • Go to Create party or Join party to join one in progress
  • Choose a user name (username), a party name (Party Name) and a code (Password).
  • Share the code.

present, enjoy a moment with your loved ones even as far away as two.

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