Disney boss resigned from Apple board

Disney boss resigned from Apple board

The Walt Disney Company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Robert A. Iger – aka Bob Iger – joined Apple's board of directors in November 2011. He resigned on September 10, the day of the conference back to school for Apple.

" Although he will be greatly missed as a board member, we respect his decision and expect our relationship with Bob and Disney to continue in the future "Apple said in a statement (Reuters).

This resignation of Bob Iger is to be linked to the launch of Apple TV + on November 1 in more than 100 countries, while Disney + – SVOD service of The Wall Disney Company – is to be launched on November 12 in the USA , Canada and the Netherlands.


These two video streaming services will compete. Apple TV + will cost $ 4.99 per month (€ 4.99 per month in France), while Disney + will be billed $ 6.99 (US) per month (€ 6.99 per month for launch in the Netherlands).

Apple TV + will start with only a handful of original titles, without it being known for the moment if there will also be a catalog background. For Disney +, it had been indicated a catalog of more than 100 recent films and 400 films from the historic library of titles, more than 7,500 episodes of series, original contents with episodic series and special films.

Disney +Disney will notably capitalize on series from the Star Wars and Marvel universes and will bet on a rhythm of one episode per week for its original series. Apple TV + will also adopt a similar rhythm for its original content, at the affix of the practice on Netflix.

The departure of Bob Iger from the Apple board of directors reminds, in another way, that of Eric Schmidt in 2009. The former Google boss had resigned from the Apple board of directors to avoid risks conflicts of interest due to competition with Android and Chrome OS.