Disney + announces the Mandalorian spin-off on Boba Fett in 2021

It’s official: Disney is producing a dedicated Boba Fett series, the first episode of which will be broadcast on Disney + at the end of 2021. It does not replace The Mandalorian, which has been confirmed for a third season, but will take place in the same time, after the events of Return of the Jedi. The series will be produced by Robert Rodriguez, Dave Filoni and the star Jon Favreau.

disney confirms boba fett series

The news broke a few hours ago. Disney + will welcome a new series dedicated to one of the emblematic characters of the original trilogy, Boba fett, the Mandalorian bounty hunter (the one who captures Han Solo in the Empire Strikes Back). Contrary to many rumors, the series will not replace The Mandalorian, but will be a “spin-off”. Include an additional series that will be dedicated to another facet of the extended universe prism. This will therefore make three series derived from The Mandalorian, after Ahsoka and Rangers of the New Republic formalized a few days ago.

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This new series will take the name of ” The Book of Boba Fett »(The Book of Boba Fett, in the language of Molière). And the first episode to air on Disney + is scheduled for the end of next year. And more precisely in December 2021. It will be produced by Jon favreau, showrunner and co-writer of The Mandalorian, Dave piloni, co-producer and co-writer of The Mandalorian, and acclaimed director Robert rodriguez (Sin City, A Night in Hell, Desperado).

Jango Fett actor to play Boba Fett

In the main role, we will find Temuera Morrison which Star Wars fans are familiar with, since he played Jango Fett in the Star Wars prelogy. he is also appeared in the second season of The Mandalorian, wearing Boba Fett’s armor. In addition, he participated in the filming of the 2004 version of The Empire Strikes Back, still as the Mandalorian bounty hunter. Disney therefore plays the card of continuity here. At these sides, we will also find the actress Ming-Na Wen Who embodies Fennec shand in the first season of Mandalorian.

Recall, for those who do not know, that Boba Fett is “the son” of Jango Fett, or more precisely his purest clone, without genetic modification (unlike the Clone Troopers). He distinguished himself by the capture of Han Solo and was left for dead on Tatooine before reappearing in The Mandalorian. The storyline for this new series will take place around the same time as The Mandalorian. Understand that Boba Fett’s adventures take place after Return of the Jedi, during the advent of the New Galactic Republic. An entire program.