Disney + already has over 86 million subscribers!

The Disney + streaming platform now has more than 86 million subscribers. A real tour de force for the one who came to trample the beds of Netflix a little over a year ago.

Disney plus

While Disney + had “only” 73 million subscribers last November, the streaming giant has just taken a new step. In just one month, these are more than 13 million new subscribers that Disney + conquered, bringing the total to nearly 87 million users around the world.

Even if some criticize the lack of original series and films on Disney +, the platform has found its audience. And its growth is not about to stop, since the service will soon launch a section dedicated to adults.

Disney + already has 86.8 million subscribers worldwide in just over a year of existence

Last month, some pundits announced that Disney + was likely to lose millions of subscribers. The promotion to the SVoD service via the American operator Verizon would end, pushing them to subscribe for good… or to leave the platform. And it is this disaster scenario that was envisaged, to such an extent that Disney + could have lost up to 9 million subscribers.

But it is not, ultimately. And not only did Disney + not lose subscribers (or a very small amount), but the platform gained some. And they joined the service in droves, even! With 86.8 million subscribers, the platform can boast of a record progression in the small world of streaming.

The arrival of an adult section should convince more and more users

And there is no doubt that the platform will continue to grow in the coming months. Even if the service has just announced an increase of 2 euros in its prices, Disney + is increasing its offer at the same time. From February 2021, subscribers will enjoy a section called “Star” allowing them to access more mature films and series. Star will include Fox films, including Deadpool, Logan, Alien, Die Hard or Alien. But it will also allow you to watch the Legion, Helstrom or Homeland series, to name only a handful of them. In short, the Disney + catalog is about to make a dizzying leap and should, logically, attract more spectators.

At this rate, the 100 million subscribers milestone will most likely be crossed early next year. Perhaps nothing to worry about Netflix, which had 195 million subscribers last October. But the gap between the two streaming giants is narrowing. Netflix will have to quickly find a response if it wants to maintain its leadership position, especially as Disney + has just announced a plethora of new features, among which we find two new spin-off series of The Mandalorian, a series based on Obi -Wan Kenobi and over half a dozen Marvel series.