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Disney + 1.42

Available for Android smartphones and tablets, the Disney + app allows you to take your Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar series and movies anywhere and even in offline mode thanks to the download. The catalog is certainly a bit light and family oriented, but allows you to (re) discover classics and original creations, whether in series or in animated films. To test or adopt it, a free 7-day trial is available.

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Discover Disney classics and creations and much more

While the Video on Demand market is more flourishing than ever with offers like Netflix, OCS and Amazon Prime, Disney + launches into our region with a monthly or annual subscription to enjoy a catalog of films, TV series , cartoons and documentaries. This platform stands out from the competition through exclusive and original content from 5 major universes: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.

Disney + on Android smartphones and tablets

Available on iOS, Xbox One, Fire TV and on many connected TVs, Disney + also has a version tailored for smartphones and tablets running Android. If all the devices are not compatible when it is released on April 7, 2020, the application requires a device running Android 5.0 or higher.

The Android application, as in all media, requires an account with a monthly or annual subscription. The application has a classic interface for a VOD platform. The home page allows you to discover at a glance the 5 main universes, the latest news and films and series classified by theme. We find great classics, documentaries, Mickey Mouse through time, comedies or stories inspired by real events. Here will also be displayed the works already viewed as well as the films and series whose reading can be continued.

Disney +

Download movies and series on your device

Disney + on Android also offers a function enabling the vast majority of movies and series episodes to be downloaded to the device. A handy feature for watching your favorite content offline. Note that it is possible to download works from the same account on a maximum of 10 devices.

To find your way around better, an integrated search engine allows you to find a work via its title or thanks to the name of a character or cinematographic genre.

A family catalog

When it was released, the Disney + catalog was based on a thousand references. A catalog much less supplied than that of the competitor Netflix, but which is all the same based on 5 very distinct universes making it possible to discover films, series, short films and documentaries among the greatest classics and also recent original creations. The home page notably offers access to the following 5 universes:

  • Disney : an almost complete catalog of films and animated series and in live action of Disney classics and creations from the Lion King to the Snow Queen passing through Mr. Jack’s Strange Christmas. Blockbusters and family films like Avatar or Rasta Rockett are also on the menu.
  • Pixar : Pixar classics with the integrals of Toy Story and Cars and many animated films like Ratatouille and Monstres et Cie. Many short films and original creations are also present.
  • Marvel : The Marvel universe is available in almost its entirety including films, series and documentaries about the franchise. Among the blockbusters, note the presence of Doctor Strange, Avengers and the integral X-Men.
  • Star Wars : If episodes XVII to XIX are missing, the catalog includes the first three trilogies, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the original series The Mandalorian as well as the animated series The Clone Wars and Rebel.
  • National Geographic : many documentaries available on flora, fauna, science and history.

Disney +
In addition to these 5 universes, Disney + is enriched with exclusives such as the complete 30 seasons of The Simpsons and numerous programs dedicated to the youngest. The platform is dedicated to family viewing, exit horror films, and offers a wide choice of great classics in films and series. We bet that original creations will fill the catalog.

How to subscribe?

When it is launched, two choices are possible to subscribe to Disney +:

  • – Via a subscription on the official website, monthly at 6.99 € / month or annually at 69.99 € / year. A 7-day trial version is available with the possibility to cancel at any time and without billing costs.
  • – Via a formula with a Canal + subscription and the formula called Limited Series.

Number of screens, quality and profiles

Unlike Netflix, Disney + puts all its users in the same boat with a single subscription giving access to: