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digital crown with gesture recognition

Apple Watch - couronne numérique

The Apple Watch may one day be equipped with a flat digital crown capable of detecting gestures. This is what Apple describes in a new patent dedicated to the future of its connected technology. The digital crown here has an optical sensor to recognize gestures, with mechanisms and sensors capable of ensuring a correct adaptation of the bracelet.

Apple Watch - digital crown

Apple continues to develop and study different ways to use the digital crown. In its latest patent, the crown could be fitted with an optical sensor for recognition and tactile response.

The U.S. Pat. 20200033815 entitled “Watch with optical sensor for between users” stipulates that:

Portable electronic devices, such as watches, have become increasingly popular, and the features and functionality provided by portable electronic devices continue to expand to meet the needs and expectations of many consumers.

Many devices include input components, such as crowns, which receive and detect touch input from a user during operation. These input components can be present on the device for immediate user access.

Future digital crowns could therefore adopt this sensor to no longer physically rotate the crown. It would then be enough simply to touch it. In addition, a digital crown could also include multiple sensors to detect substantially any type of characteristic such as pressure, light, touch, force, temperature, position, movement, etc.

A separate patent has also been issued for wristbands for the Watch. It specifically addresses the issue of how the Apple Watch fits the wrist.

The solution presented in the patent is to use bracelets that automatically adapt to the user's wrist:

Watch straps will be able to maintain a substantially constant tension despite the movements of the user's wrist, automatically adapting to changes in size and circumference of a user's wrist. By maintaining constant tension, the straps can also maintain a constant force on the wearer's wrist and therefore increase the wearer's comfort, as the watch will adjust accordingly.

Apple Watch - bracelet

In addition to comfort, such a solution can also help optimize the operation of all the sensors, which will benefit from better support on the user's wrist with constant force.