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Didier Bellens says he is "dissatisfied" with Apple's arrogance

Didier Bellens says he is "dissatisfied" with Apple's arrogance

During the presentation of the DigiWorld Yearbook 2012, Didier Bellens, CEO of Belgacom, explained that he had been approached many times by Apple for the marketing of the iPhone through the historic operator. The American group would however have placed too great demands on the terms of sale.


Didier Bellens, CEO of Belgacom, attacked Apple in a recent speech at the presentation of the DigiWorld Yearbook 2012. According to the site DataNews, the leader of the historic tlcom operator explained what were the reasons for the absence of the iPhone in the company's catalog. He made it clear that Apple had often approached Belgacom to try to distribute its products there, but that the demands made by the American group were not reasonable. “Apple absolutely wants what we sell its products. We are the only one (operator in the country, editor's note), in which the company has not yet set foot. and to add, "Apple has recently turned to Belgacom but it places too great demands on sales conditions. I await a new proposal from him, explains Belgacom CEO Didier Bellens, who does not hesitate to put a layer on the negotiations that have remained strile until now, “Arrogance is rarely a good thing.”

Negotiations already started since 2007.

If we can believe that “small” Belgium is not a priority for the American glove, we are however surprised to learn that the latter was already knocking on the door of Belgacom, during the marketing of the first iPhone model. … In 2007. At the time, Apple's requirements were not a real problem but it would seem that Belgacom did not deign to seize the opportunity it was offered, “At the time, it simply claimed our marketing budgets”, said Bellens. It was therefore the competitor Mobistar who then became the exclusive distributor of the iPhone for the country. However, Bellens puts things into perspective thanks to the historic and therefore comfortable position of the Belgacom mobile network, “Most iPhones are used on our network”, he says. And to deplore the attitude of Apple "which notably demanded a minimum of sales".

Currently, the CEO of Belgacom announces that there remains open a new proposal from Apple but puts it in perspective once again by indicating that sales of such products do not fill the boxes, “Most Apple devices today are not sold through an operator, but in various stores. It won't bring in a lot of revenue. ”

Finally and failing to sell the iPhone, Belgacom consoles itself by claiming to be one of the best distributors of Samsung smartphones and tablets, while stating that "this agreement is not exclusive".

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