Did FedEx Steal Huawei’s Mail?

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Huawei accuses FedEx of having diverted 4 parcels intended for it to the United States.

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Clearly, the Chinese manufacturer monopolizes high-tech news with a new dispute opposing it to the United States.

According to the Reuters news agency, Huawei said that the American parcel delivery company FedEx would have diverted four parcels addressed to it to the United States. Two of them were sent from Japan to China and two others from Vietnam to Huawei offices elsewhere in Asia.

Documents but no “technology”

According to Huawei, these packages contained only documents and ” no technology“. “Recent experiences where important trade documents sent by FedEx have not been delivered to their destination, undermine our confidence” Huawei spokesman Joe Kelly told Reuters. “We will now have to review our logistics and support for document delivery requirements following these incidents” , he added.

FedEx is talking about an isolated error that affects only a very small number of packages. The American company claims to be aware of all the disputed shipments and declares to work so that the packages are quickly delivered to their customers.

Solicited by Reuters, the United States Department of Commerce did not respond on the question of whether the incident could be linked to its decision of May 16 to add Huawei to the “list of companies boycotted “. This measure prevents foreign firms from purchasing certain items from American companies without the approval of the United States government.

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