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Diablo Immortal: how to prepare to play it on Android?

The release of Diablo Immortal seems imminent. Blizzard has just opened the pre-registrations on the Google Play Store to benefit from the game as soon as it is released. On iOS, unfortunately you will have to watch for its launch or wait for an official announcement.

Image 1: Diablo Immortal: how to prepare to play it on Android?

The most popular hack-and-slash is about to arrive on mobile. Announced under the boos of fans of the franchise who were expecting Diablo IV at Blizzcon 2018, Blizzard nevertheless continued its development to present it in more detail this year. Diablo Immortal is due to be released this year on iOS and Android without any date having yet been confirmed. The MMORPG could happen very soon, it is indeed already possible to pre-register on the Google Play Store.

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How do I pre-register for Diablo Immortal on the Play Store?

The title is not yet available, Blizzard probably settles the last details of Diablo Immortal to make sure it will take the place it deserves on mobile, where many clones are already swarming. Blizzard opened pre-registrations at Diablo Immortals on the Google Play Store to allow players to have the game as soon as it is released. IPhone and iPad owners will have to wait a little longer until it is officially launched.

  1. From your mobile or computer, launch the Google Play Store.
  2. Search for Diablo Immortal or click here.
  3. On the game page, click on the green “Pre-register” button.
Image 2: Diablo Immortal: how to prepare to play it on Android?

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If the button appears, everything indicates that the game will be compatible with your smartphone. On iOS, we expect the game to be compatible with all devices from iPhone 6 (iOS 10 or higher).

The description of Diablo Immortal confirms the information we had about its scenario and its gameplay. Players will be able to choose from six character classes (barbarian, demon hunter, monk, necromancer, crusader and sorcerer). Blizzard announces title “Massively” multiplayer, although the videos seem to indicate rather that the groups will be limited to ten. It remains to be seen if the microtransactions will not transform it into pay-to-win, and if the title will not be too energy-consuming. Diablo Immortal indeed requires a permanent connection to the internet, even solo.

Diablo Immortal: everything you need to know about Blizzard’s mobile game

Source: Google Play Store