Deutsche Telekom launches pre-orders for iPhone 5

Deutsche Telekom launches pre-orders for iPhone 5

While the date of marketing of the iPhone 5 is not yet known and it has not yet been presented to the general public, Deutsche Telekom announces that they are opening pre-orders for the purchase of an iPhone 5 .

The German operator expects widespread enthusiasm for the future pomm smartphone.

Should we see it as an easy way to signify the approach of the iPhone 5 or a way to probe the potential of people interested in the iPhone 5?

Asked about the authenticity of this pre-order, Deutsche Telekom spokesperson Alexander Schmettow said it was real and that customers would receive a ticket for a “VIP” queue to be the first to receive the future machine from the first days of marketing. In addition, the name iPhone 5 is subject to change until Apple releases the name of the next generation of iPhone. No date or period is also advanced by the spokesman for the German operator.

Their wish seems, of course, to make a big publicity stunt in Germany where, from now on, Deutsche Telekom is no longer the only power to market the iPhone.

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