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Details on the iPad Mini Retina: power, screen, weight, etc.

Details on the iPad Mini Retina: power, screen, weight, etc.

iPad MiniThe iPad Mini Retina begins to be delivered and we already have some interesting first returns. Indeed, this second wave of iPad Mini has a retina screen, an A7 processor and a (large) pocket template. It's easy to tell yourself that it's a bigger iPhone 5S or a smaller iPad Air.

Do not mistake yourself, Apple has slightly differentiated its devices, the proof.

To start, let's talk about the A7 processor. If it is clocked at 1.3Ghz on iPad Mini Retina as on iPhone 5S, it is however slower than on an iPad Air (1.4Ghz).

ipad mini retina

The size of the iPad Mini Retina playing in its favor against the iPhone 5S, it can exploit the A7 chip longer because better cooled. The difference with its cousin "Air" being ridiculous, we will simply note that it is also five times faster than the iPad Mini first of the name, a certain performance gap.

Regarding its entrails, the iPad Mini Retina now has nothing to do with a larger battery (but identical autonomy due to the Retina screen) and components borrowed from cousins. It is on the same level as the iPad Air and a bit above the iPhone 5S. One hair only.

Finally, be aware that the major problem of the iPad Mini Retina for the moment concerns its screen (the roof). If the retina resolution gives an incredible aspect to the image (thanks to a density identical to that of the iPhone 5S and better than on the iPad Air), the new screens signed Sharp suffer from afterglow, a big problem for gamers and action movie lovers.

Indeed, Sharp produced for the first time IGZO screens with high pixel density and found itself faced with this problem of persistence. These problems are linked to the fact that IGZO transistors are manufactured at relatively low temperatures. The heat of the backlight would temporarily change their transparency and therefore facilitate the appearance of a ghost image.

Sharp could not solve the problem, it is rumored that Apple would have turned to Samsung urgently. To check.

We can summarize by saying that the iPad Mini Retina is intended for people who do not want to have optimal comfort like the iPad Air but rather for lovers of screen precision and those who move around a lot. The beast being 330 g against 470 for the iPad Air.

PS: The iPad Mini Retina starts at € 399 while the iPad Air starts at € 489.