Details on the Dartybox at 100 Mbits

A year of commitment for the DartyBox

Dartybox THDWe were talking to you yesterday about the new ambitions of the operator Darty, which intends to switch to very high speedThe bandwidth as used when talking about a network defines the amount of digital information that the network allows to pass through… to 100 Mbits in an attempt to attract new customers (see The Dartybox targets 100 Mbits).

The operator has communicated to us today more details on this new offer, which should arrive in November 2008.

Darty passes the 100th

Dartybox THD TV decoderIt is therefore today that Darty issued the press release relating to its next very high speed access offer. Inside, several details were communicated, including the price of this offer, as well as the formalization of the partnership with Numericable in order to use the network.LAN is the acronym for the English term Local Area Network, which can be translated into French by Local Network. Its definition consists of a set of gold… fiber opticAn optical fiber is a glass or plastic wire. Its diameter is very thin and has an interesting property: conducting light. Surrounded… of the cable operator. Thus, Darty will offer in November an offer at 29.90 euros per month for a minimum duration of 12 months, to which must be added 3 euros for modem rentalModem is the contraction of modulator-demodulator. It is a device whose purpose is to allow communication with users of… broadband and 5 euros for the rental of the TV decoder. Internet access up to 100 Mbits is therefore included, as well as a television package of 60 channels by default, and unlimited telephony to 44 destinations.

Dartybox THD decoder TV recorderAs always, Darty offers additional services to its new subscribers, such as the definition of a personalized subscription in store with a Darty advisor, or even the sending of a technician at home to ensure the connection and operation of the modem. . And the modem, precisely, also undergoes a small facelift, more aesthetic than technical. Note also that Darty offers two different TV boxes, a simple decoder and one equipped with the recording function.

  • Dartybox targets 100 Mbits