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DeskTube – Download – CNET France

DeskTube - Download - CNET France


Software description

DeskTube is THE new desktop application to get the most out of YouTube's resources.

DeskTube is an Adobe AIR application for your desktop that can be used much like an Internet browser and that really puts YouTube at your fingertips from a very pleasant interface. Thanks to DeskTube, you no longer need to use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari to view videos on YouTube. With the click of a mouse, you have the whole YouTube at your fingertips.

DeskTube not only gives you instant access to all of YouTube’s videos, it also lets you log into your YouTube account to check your playlists and subscriptions. Once logged in, you can write comments about the videos and even send videos to your account.

DeskTube also allows you to chat with Twitter, Facebook, MySpaceoffre or even Flickr and brings you closer to your social networks thanks to the proximity that videoconferencing gives.