Dell XPS 13: expected stock outs

Dell XPS 13: expected stock outs

Image 1: Dell XPS 13: expected stock outs

Caught by surprise by the success of its XPS 13, Dell announces that it cannot produce as many XPS 13 that he would like.

“Demand is almost three times higher than initially forecast”, entrusts Sam burd, vice president of Dell’s consumer division at Cnet. “We cannot build enough of them at the moment. “

Besides that, when asked about the sales proportions of the XPS 13, Sam Burd hides behind the rule that Dell never communicates on its sales figures. The XPS 13 is therefore a real success. We can only take Dell’s word for it. As the results of our test suggest, it has enough to convince although its price (999 euros) is a little higher than the average price agreed by consumers for the purchase of a computer.

The Ultrabook is just waiting for a price drop to take off completely. It should arrive in 2012, according to Intel. It remains to be seen whether Windows 8 tablets will not steal market share from it.